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Daewoo Diagnostic Trouble Codes

P0102 Low Mass Air Flow Sensor Signal
P0103 High mass air flow sensor signal
P0112 Inlet air temperature sensor low
P0113 High Intake Air Temperature Sensor
P0116 Invalid signal from coolant temperature sensor
P0117 Coolant Temperature Sensor Low
P0118 Coolant Temperature Sensor High Signal
P0122 Throttle Position Sensor Low
P0123 Throttle Position Sensor High
P0130 Invalid signal of DC 1
P0132 High level of signal DK 1
P0133 Slow response of the DC 1
P0134 No signal of the DC 1
P0135 Heater fault DK 1
P0136 Short to ground DC 2
P0137 Low signal level of the DC 2
P0138 High signal level of the DC 2
P0140 Break of the DC 2
P0141 Heater fault DK 2
P0171 Too poor mixture
P0172 Too rich mixture
P0201, P0202, P0203, P0204 Breakage of the control circuit of the injector 1, 2, 3, 4 cylinder (respectively)
Р0261, Р0264, Р0267, Р0270 Short circuit to the mass of the control circuit of injector 1,2,3, 4th cylinder (respectively)
P0262, P0265, P0268, P0271 Short to the power source of the injector control circuit 1,2,3, the 4th cylinder (respectively)
P0300 Multiple ignition misfires detected
P0301 Ignition misfires detected in 1 cylinder
P0302 Ignition misfires detected in cylinder 2
P0303 3-cylinder ignition misfires detected
P0304 4-cylinder ignition misfires detected
P0327 Knock Sensor Signal Low
P0328 High Detonation Sensor Signal
P0335 Invalid Crankshaft Position Sensor Signal
P0336 Crankshaft Position Sensor Error
P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Malfunction
P0422 The effectiveness of the neutralizer is below the threshold
P0443 Malfunction of the control circuit of the purge valve of the adsorber
P0480 Defective control circuit for cooling fan relay 1
P0481 Defective control circuit for cooling fan relay 2
P0500 Wrong car speed sensor signal
P0503 Intermittent Vehicle Speed ​​Sensor Signal
P0506 Low idling speed
P0507 High idling speed
P0560 Inadequate on-board network voltage
Р0562 Undervoltage of the on-board network
P0563 The increased voltage of the on-board network
0601 (1620) Faulty ROM
0602 (0603, 0604, 1621) Faulty RAM
0606 Unrecoverable computer fault
0612 EEPROM error
0615 open circuit for starter relay control
0616 short to ground of starter relay control circuit
0617 + 12V short to starter relay control circuit
0627 (1500, 1541) an open in the control circuit of the petrol pump relay
0628 (1501) short for the mass of the control circuit of the petrol pump relay
0629 (1502) short circuit to the control circuit of the control circuit of the petrol pump relay
0630 VIN save failure
0645 A / C clutch relay control open circuit
0646 A / C Clutch Relay Control Circuit Closing
0647 A / C Clutch Relay Control Circuit Closing
0650 * lamp chain check engine
0654 * tachometer signal circuit
0685 main control relay open
0687 main control relay lock
0688 break of the power circuit from the output of the main relay
0690 short to main power relay circuit
1102 oxygen sensor 1 low heater resistance
1123 (1127, 1136) a mixture of rich
1124 (1128, 1137) the mixture is poor
1171 low potentiometer CO
1172 high level of potentiometer CO
1386 Detonation channel test error
1230 * primary circuit of main relay
1509 overload of control circuit РХХ
1530 * the primary circuit of the conditioner relay
1570 no response from APS
1571 used unregistered electronic key
1572 APS antenna failure
1573 APS failure
1600 (1601) there is no connection with the MTA
1602 loss of control voltage
1603 (1622, 1640) EEPROM fault
1606 Incorrect road sensor signal
1612 controller reset error
1616 low level signal from the rough road sensor
1617 high signal level from the rough road sensor
1689 invalid error codes in memory
1750 chain 1 of the torque control РХХ – short circuit to the board
1751 chain 1 of the torque control РХХ – breakage
1752 chain 1 of torque control РХХ – short to ground
1753 control circuit 2 of the torque PXX – short circuit on the board
1754 chain 2 control of torque PXX – breakage
1755 chain 2 control of torque PXX – short to ground
2301 Ignition channel circuit 1 Boundary closure
2303 circuit 2 ignition channels short circuit
2305 circuit 3 ignition channels short circuit
2307 circuit 4 channels ignition short circuit
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