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Electronic Body Repair Manual Infiniti from 2007

Year of manufacture: 2007
Developer: Maruboshi Europe B.V.
Genre: repair manuals of bodies
Format of files: PDF
Quality: eBook
Number of pages: total 362
Compatibility with Vista: yes
System requirements: windows all, adobe acrobat
Interface language: only English
Tablet: It is not required
Description: the guides to body car repairs of Infiniti from 2007 to today. information on the geometrical sizes of bodies, control points of bodies, images of sections of body elements, to the applied materials (high-strength became, galvanized became). recommendations about primenyamy types, methods, materials and places of welding; places and materials for putting the sutural, soundproofing, anticorrosive mastics; places and the directions of cutting of body elements for the subsequent installation of new; types of materials of interior, designation and interpretation. information on the following models contains: CV36 (Infiniti G37 Coupe), J50 (Infiniti EX35), JA60 (Infiniti QX56), S50 (Infiniti FX35/45), V36 (Infiniti G35 Sedan), Y50 (Infiniti M35/45).
Additional information: this collection contains huge number of exclusively useful and necessary information for engaged in body repair independently and owners of firms on body car repairs
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